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Captain John Hayes, MSW 

Director of Community and Police Interface

John Hayes joined the Seattle Police Department in the late 1980s after finishing a masters in social work at the University of Washington, where he eventually earned the rank of captain. John's work with the police department has led to the 'Get Off the Streets' (GOTS) program and has provided numerous opportunities for others within Seattle. He has also played a critical role in the development of the Seattle Youth Initiative.

Michael J. Jooste


Typically, Jooste works on problems that disproportionately impact underserved communities around the world including in East Africa, South America, and South-East Asia. He is a believer that innovation, organization, and communication hold the keys to empowering citizens in these regions and bringing them into a modern, connected society. In addition to running his company, Vectorstars, he holds board leadership and advisory roles in the fields of entrepreneurship, clean-tech, and humanitarian emergency response and management.

Hanna Ekstrom DVM

Hanna Ekstrom dreamed up the concept of a mobile veterinary practice to help people and pets living unsheltered when she was driving through downtown Seattle and witnessed the immense need. Always interested in the intersection between human and animal health, comfortable working almost anywhere, and wanting to bring at least a tiny bit of equality to the space contained within the human-animal bond, she decided to launch Seattle Veterinary Outreach