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About Seattle Veterinary Outreach

Seattle Veterinary Outreach (SVO) is an innovative, scalable community outreach designed to address the pressing need for mobile veterinary services for pets owned by the homeless and low-income in Seattle. 


We are interested in both human and animal welfare, and indeed, the health and welfare of both

humans and animals are firmly intertwined. By preventing zoonotic disease spread in King

County, we are protecting not only the homeless but the community at large.

Seattle Veterinary Outreach recognizes the importance of the love people share with their pets-it is apparent on the face of every pet and person that enters our clinic. It is our joy and honor to support these underserved and disenfranchised individuals by providing veterinary care for their pets. In becoming a witness to the human-animal bond they share, and by loving their pet with them, SVO becomes a trusted resource for pet owners in need. It is this bond of trust that allows us to become a partner walking by their side as they access community resources and support that benefits both people and pets.


While some may think SVO is just about the pets, it is about so much more. It is about equalizing the right to have a pet. Love should not be limited by income. 

Our Mission is to keep people and their pets safe, healthy, and together.

Our Vision: Seattle Veterinary Outreach envisions a Seattle with more equity in health and opportunity for all citizens. By providing holistic support in the form of complete veterinary services coupled with

community outreach, SVO builds resilience in vulnerable populations, empowering them to

transform their lives to be healthy together.